About Me...

Hello, my name is Jared. Most of my friends would describe me as a fun, loyal and proud. Others would call that last one stubborn, but aren't we all? I'm a hardworking, 40-year-old, with a great job and a home of my own, with two fantastic and lovable dogs. They are honestly my world. I tell you all of this because I, like the domain says, need a kidney. My beans have failed me and currently I'm on peritoneal dialysis. I don't really have any extended family to speak of. It's just my parents and brother. None of which are eligible donors. And trust me, they would in a second if they could cause that's what family does. My friends are my family. I have such a strong bond with them all. More than any relative. Unfortunately, after so many have applied to donate, none are viable candidates and I must expand my pleas to the world and ask a big ask. A favor that's so beyond being just a courtesy. A gift. A big bright glowing gift of love. It's the gift of life.

How'd We Get Here...

Well, it's been a rather quick road to get here, lots of monthly testing. Lots of doctors' visits, medication changes, Diet changes etc., while at the same time lots of goals and accomplishments in life. Surviving relationship failures, becoming a reliable photographer in Boston, going with Boston sports teams to championship games, caring for my house, my dogs and my friends It's been a race between two sides cause when life started getting good, my body started getting bad.

Here's the thing though, I'm not done racing, I'm not giving up, I just need a pit stop, change out a bad part, fuel me up with some different fuel and the race will go on. As I told one of my doctors, "I kind of want to live a super long satisfying life."

I think I've gone through the 5 stages of grief 10 times over already. I'm scared, frustrated, and mad about the whole thing. More importantly than all of that, despite my negative sarcastic nature I feel super positive about making it through all of this, especially knowing how much a lot of you care.

If after reading everything you want to look at becoming a potential donor, click on the How To Apply tab, If want to know more of what's going on, and hear the longer story of how I got to this, Please email here. and we can direct you to my Facebook group, a more private group. If not, thank you for reading as much as you have and I wish you well.